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The lifestyle you lead and age-related elements give rise to Osteoporosis, a medical condition that affects the quality of your bones. With a boot camp Gold Coast, you can work on a suitable, well planned exercise regime and delay the onset of this problem considerably. Brittle and fragile bones are the characteristics of this condition. Besides the fact that you need to consume a well balanced meal, maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is very critical. Personal training in Gold Coast focuses on this issue significantly.

Role of a Gold Coast boot camp

Several Gold Coast boot camps help you build strong bones through an effective fitness program. Flexibility, balance and strength training help in increasing bone density. Boot camps design activities that enable you to build strength and help you in getting around confidently and safely.

Boot Camp Gold CoastYou can do your daily activities with relative ease irrespective of your age. This is especially applicable to the elderly in whom the problem of Osteoporosis can be observed quite commonly. Strength training can be combined with routine and usual exercises such as jogging and walking. These activities are a good cardiovascular routine.

Need for strength training

Boot camps in Gold Coast work on a consistent schedule when it comes to exercising. Performing exercises with 15 or 20 repetitions, subsequently followed by a 30 second interval and quickly pursued by a second set is recommended. Osteoporosis or a general condition of fragile bones is quite rampant in post menopausal women.

Several studies have shown that strength training has the ability for increasing bone mass. Exercises that focus force on your bones are the best to build them. Weight bearing exercises are ideal here. Some exercises that work well include towel wrings, chair sits, full body hold, bicep curls, neck rotation etc. When the impact involved is higher, bones can be strengthened better.

When you promote mechanical stress in your skeletal system, you are on the road to building healthy bones. This is because such exercises help in contributing to calcium placement in your bones.

With a substantial increase in bone density, good muscle strength, and an excellent balance; you can delay the onset of weak bones thereby improving the quality of life. These also help in preventing a bad fall. These exercises are therefore of great help to the elderly for avoiding instances of immobility and effectively bringing down their need to depend upon others.