Battle Rope Training For MMA Fighters

The fitness industry is where trends come and go like wildfire, it’s hard to know what will really stick. Many times training equipment gets popular… but very few are able stick around for more than just a season or two before they fall out of favor again- even those items which seemed like sure bets at first!

The battle rope started to gain popularity and my first instinct was that it was just another 5-minute fitness fad. One biggest benefits of battle ropes training is its versatility and portability.

Its ruggedness and simplicity attracted me to the training device. It didn’t need a plug, it didn’t have T.V screens that could easily break so I could take this training tool everywhere I travelled.

I was excited to try out this new training tool, so when my friend told me he got one too! We used them for hours every day and couldn’t believe how effective they were at building our upper body strength.

The battle rope is so much fun to use that I actually ended up owning two of them. One for home and one as an extra at the gym! Fixing your rope to an anchor point is easy, just loop it around a tree or heavy kettlebell.

The battle rope is an underrated workout tool that can be used in place of traditional resistance bands or weights. You’ll find all sorts of different ways to use it, like this simple exercise circuit I came up with last week!

The power developed in this exercise is excellent for developing ultimate athletic ability. As I discussed in my last blog, it’s important to focus on being able to create force quickly and overcoming resistance by using as little time possible!
The battle rope is an excellent way to promote muscle growth and build an aesthetically pleasing frame.

I’ve found that when I do bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, lunges and squats with my trainer’s help – not only does it make me stronger but also leaner!
You might be thinking the battle rope just works the arms, but you’d want to try it out for yourself before making any conclusions. You will quickly find that this simple training tool does much more than just work your arms!

The battle rope is a fantastic way to work your entire body without stressing joints and connective tissues. The tough, yet flexible material allows for all sorts of movement that will help you build power, endurance AND strength!